Monday, March 24, 2014

Still winter

 So, its March 24th and we have yet to see anything closely looking like Spring.

In fact, woke up and the temp was minus 10 this morning.  Oh it is sunny and all that but its also freaking ass cold.

More cold weather is predicted this week as well, with possible more white stuff.  Hello, we don't want anymore and if what we have would just melt, slowly, we'd be quite content.  A fast melt will be a major flood and we don't want that, picky shits aren't we?

Ya, we'd like to be spring chickens. It is my understanding that even Florida is not exactly warm and other southern states have definitely felt the effects of this rather long, cold, nasty winter.

I don't call this "global weather," I just call it a long damn winter and I'm sick of the tundra number. Now, when its this cold and windchill's -35 or more, even I don't care to be outside sno=shoeing or just walking about.

Last week  I got to spend part of an evening and most of Thursday with my sister.  It has been a long time since we have seen each and yes, we miss our sister in Florida too.  We truly had a good time and nicely entertained folks at Macy's as well.  Well, the clerk did say to us; "if you apply for a Macy's card, which only takes a minute, you'll get 20% off and then, I'll give you another 10% coupon."  So we said, what the hell, go for it.  Now, they needed a driver's license, credit card, and other information, such as date of birth, SS number, annual income (she said we could say zero) and other shit.  Penny goes first, can't remember her SS number, so she makes one up but later admits that might be wrong, for income she says $200,000.  And within seconds she has a temporary Macy's card and the shirts that cost $12. are now $6.  So,now its my turn, I know my SS number and for income I wrote ZERO! Within seconds I was on the phone with some corporate ass confirming information and when she got to the income part, I calmly said, "hey, I'm on a day pass here."  Needless to say I did not get a card, so I used my sister's and still got my shirts for $6.  We told folks behind us they might want to go to another counter but no, they preferred to stay and watch this performance, it was alot more entertaining.

Ya, you jerk people around and you wonder why folks don't want your goddamn cards.  Give me a break, I don't need this crap and I have no Macy store near me, so who gives a rip.

Regardless of all this bullshit, it was great fun hanging out with my sister, laughing and catching up on family gossip, etc.  She hears one thing, I hear another, etc.  Sometimes what we each hear matches, which is shocking as hell.

Thursday afternoon we head back north, in and out of snow storms but the drive wasn't too bad.  Stopped for KFC and altho I love this stuff, its the most fattening food you'll ever consume. Friday was spent doing laundry as Hubby was leaving Saturday and for some strange reason, wanted clean clothes, he can be so damn fussy.

The best news, and hopefully this will occur, is Penny may visit me this coming week.  Again, with our weather its hard to confirm trips because you just don't drive in snow storms unless its absolutely vital.  We all have done the blizzard drive on I-81,and no thank you, we shall avoid it as much as possible now.

Here are some thoughts about growing older:

  • Eventually you will reach a point when you stop lying about your age and start bragging about it.
  • The older we get, the fewer things seem worth waiting in line for.
  • When you are dissatisfied and would like to go back to your youth, think Algebra
  • You know you are getting old when everything either dries up or leaks.
  • If you don't learn to laugh at trouble, you won't have anything to laugh at when you're old.
Have a good one and stay warm (or cool if you happen to be where its warm).

Thursday, March 6, 2014

March It Be

Well,its March and the cold weather continues to drive us nuts.

It was -19 on my deck this morning, you could have seen a sparrow fart is they were out and about, but they were not!   Its just been too damn cold.

This is how Grandma workouts out, well, some Grandma's this Meme, doesn't do this, I actually work out.  I'm such a nerd.
Okay, this month all us Irish folks will do the jig, ya, like that is gonna happen, not.

Years ago my sister put on quite an Irish spread, including green beer and later, everyone headed downtown to some dance party and raised all kinds of hell.  It was a grand ole time.  I'm hoping the weather gets warmer so we can really kick up our heels

So what's been happening in your neck of the woods?

I know that Warroad,Minnesota hasn't seen above zero temps since November, talk about frozen tundra.  Now they are use to cold winters, snow and ice but even they are sick of this nonsense, its just been friggin cold.

My darling sister has nicely provided me with a new nickname, hell I don't even remember the other one.  But now she refers to me as the "surgeon slut," due to the many surgeries I have had.  For example on Feb 25th I was at the Hepburn hospital having surgery (they call it that but I'm not sure its really surgery) - a cystocope and uretreoscope exam, laser lithotripsy and stent removed. Oh yes,great fun.  But once done, it was nice to know the stones were gone.

Then this Monday, March 3rd I had an eye appointment and was informed I needed to see an eye surgeon and have cataracts removed.  But I would not be able to get in to see the eye surgeon until August. However the next day I called the eye doctor to see if I should seek someone else due to this wait and he said, "no, if it was that serious I would have called and gotten you in much sooner, it's okay to wait until August."  So I took a deep breath and relaxed.  It was upon learning this, that my sister who had some run-in with some asshole in a grocery store, and she was steaming,texted our older sister and said; "guess who had an eye appointment today and now needs to have cataract surgery?"  Older sister replied, well isn't your day going nicely.  To which younger sister answered:  "not me, the surgeon slut." At that point everyone was roaring with laughter.  You see all three of us have cataracts and at some point all three will need this operation---guess I get to go first.  But they have made many advances since my parents and brother had this done and I'm not overly worried or concerned.

Today I visit the VA clinic -- I really have not been happy with this clinic for some time but hell, they are listed as my primary provider, so I will go in, have them listen to my chest, take my BP,etc and smile and leave.  Such a pain in the ass performance.  While I am doing this, hubby is heading to Office Max to get two new computer chairs, they are on sale and he has decided we need new chairs.  The old chairs will be taken outside and used in our time out, bar area near the deck this summer...hey, we might as well be comfy while sipping our drinks,right?

So here is your workout routine -- get the wine bottle and enjoy!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


 Well, you might as well find something to do because the snow ain't going away and neither is winter.

Kinda hard to photo yourself sno-shoeing but what the hell, you get the idea.

The snow as deep and Clint plowed in front of me and made a path, it was pretty funny and he loved prodding thru the snow.  But later, he would inform me he was hungry and we needed to go inside.  

Once inside I fixed him some breakfast, he ate two bites and that was it -- now I knew he was sick, this kid is constantly hungry and rarely does he ever want to come inside.  We would get a nap in later for sure.

Oh ya, after the ground hog saw his shadow and it was announced six more weeks of winter (like this shit means anything, its six weeks regardless), we all were ready to kill that sucker.  What is really bad is the temperatures.  It has been brutally cold and that even stops many from skiing or doing much outside. Hey,who in hell wants to play in minus 27 degrees and fight wind chills that hit -35...not this puppy.  Needless to say, ski resorts are suffering this year, they got snow, plenty of that, but nobody can handle these damn cold temps.

I send this to the Minnesota folks, as they are having a horribly cold winter too.  Well,shit, who isn't this year.  Even the southern states are suffering and I mean suffering.  Ice, no power, no idea how to clear the roads and many places are closed and stores are empty of food items everyone wants, its really something.

So, I go back to the urologist on Monday and we'll see if these damn stones have finally departed my body.  Sadly he didn't do the uretroscopy bit or remove the stent on Feb 3rd but we did blast again.  Said the stones, particles of them at least are now in the urethra, lovely.  Now, if the next KUB shows them still there, definitely doing the other number.  Oh hell, put me out, go up and get these suckers and remove that goddamn stent, I am really sick of this number.

And yes, damnit, it is snowing today too.  However its 30 degrees and I may just don my sno-shoes and go for a short hike.  It's a great workout and it really is nice to get outside.  Breath in that fresh air and what have ya.

Hope all who are reading these blogs is safe, happy, healthy and warm.

Monday, February 3, 2014


 So you waited all day for the Superbowl and you fixed all sorts of eats too, right?  Your team wasn't playing but you decided Denver had this in the bad and altho the Seattle Sea hawks had come a long way, great team and all, they could not beat Denver, no way, right?

Don't you feel like an ass right now?  The very first time Denver has the ball, they screw up, Seattle has a touch back and Denver never really recovers --Peyton was so shocked by the toss from his center, he just could not believe his own eyes.

Then he gets intercepted a couple times and holy crap, it just kept getting worse.  I was in bed with my book before half -way, bored out of my mind.  Hubby would walk back and up date me on the score and we both realized, this was a no brainier, Seattle had this in the bag.

Like I said, my team wasn't playing but I was pulling for Denver as my nephew is a huge Bronoc fan and he truly hoped to see them win.  

So football over and now what?  I don't think the fun tennis matches start until later in Feb but I can wait.  There is always repeats and while some are boring as hell, others are worth a second or third watch.

Today I go in for my 3rd blast treatment...holy shit, must be a damn gravel pit in there. My urologist told me; "First off, this was a very big stone and you are doing nicely. Secondly, I have a three strike out rule, this will be your third strike.  However, this time I will blast, remove the stent, use a uretroscope and go up there and remove any particles with a laser beam (or perhaps he said basket).  At this point I didn't give a shit, I'll be out and I want that damn stent gone.  It's beginning to cause a burning sensation when I pee and well, its been in there since Nov, so its time to go.

Now I think this is a damn clever idea.  I use to keep my coat and hat by the door, if someone showed up and I didn't care to hang around with them, I'd tell them I was sorry, I was just on my way out and I'd proceed to my car and say, call me later.  Ya, I'm bad.

So how is your Monday going? Anybody reading this blog?  I'm so ready for winter to end.  We are being advised another storm will hit us by Wednesday, which will include more snow and back to the frigid temperatures.  This shit is really getting old.

Keep warm folks and have a good one.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Another Blast

 Hey, if you leave your window down and its snowing, this is what you can expect to find.  And believe me, it's not easy to get that stuff out of your car either.

Some years ago, a mate and I left the window down just a crack at some Winter Conference in Oswego County, when we saw the snow inside the car the next morning, we just stood there and laughed, what else could you do. Then we brushed it out, started the car and ran the heater, hoping like hell to not only dry the seats but warm up the car too.  It was colder the Hades that morning.

Now for my story, ready?  Back in November, my back began hurting me and I knew the kidney stone that had been laying about for nearly 5 years had decided it was time to come out.  It was pretty big and probably should have been removed much earlier but with all my other medical issues and this not bothering me, we left it alone. But now it was impossible to leave alone, it had to be blasted (lithotripsy) and the urologist would put in a stent to assist in the stone removal process.  Of course you do realize, once this procedure was over, I would have to not just collect my urine but strain it to collect stone particles, right?  Collection was tossed, stones were placed in a jar (that alone is an entirely other story).  

Went back to see the urologist on Jan 3rd and thinking today the stent comes out and my life goes back to normal. WRONG!  Seem this stone was showing parts still there and another blast was needed, so on Jan 6th, back to the hospital and more blasting, more collecting and more fun.  Then, this week on Jan 29th, went back in for a check up, you do understand, each check also involves an x-ray (KUB), right?  Once again, it seems not all the stones are gone - what the hell, it's like I got this goddamn gravel pit in there or something.

So Monday, Feb 3rd I go back again for the third blast treatment, but this go around, he'll use either or both a cystoscope/uretroscope and remove any remaining particles and also that damn stent, all while I am out cold, thank you very much.  

Earlier on Jan 29th I was at the dentist office.  Oh this gets fun too.  I needed the dentist to sign off on the medical release for the oncologist to give me this infusion number for osteoporosis,helps maintain healthy bones or some such shit.  But I also wanted him to check my jaw, because after my last blast treatment, that sucker was sore and I couldn't open it as wide as I would like.  Well, shit I have a minor case of lock jaw.  No disease or infection, thank goodness, and I can (1) massage my jaw with my hand, (2) use warm, moist compresses to the jaw area a couple times a day, and (3) just kinda open and close your mouth, stretching your jaw as much as you can.  In other words, nothing to worry about, but it is painful and it will go away (in my life time hope).

Now my Grand son is all for this.  The other day he informed me he wanted to play outside and I informed him, no way, its minus 17 degrees and way too cold. "But Meme," he says, " we need to plant a snow garden!"  Ya gotta love this kid.

A few weeks ago,he and I were kinda of wrestling on the floor, he is four years old and not a light weight, he is tall and solid, well, he jumped on my and I heard this pop and sure as shit, my rib popped.  Talk about hurt, ye gads.  I tape it at night and thinking, I should wear a tape during the day too.  Oh sure, if I go to see a doctor, they'll say wrap it up, take these pain meds and its just gonna take time. Screw that, I detest pain meds and due to this lovely procedure on Monday, I can't even have a bloody aspirin.

Oh you wanna know the real kick in the ass.  The day before the procedure, which is Super Bowl Sunday, I can only have liquid meals and I don't mean booze.  There goes my chicken wings -- screw it, I'll have them Saturday just to be sure I get'em.  Superbowl without chicken wings ain't gonna be the same.

In the meantime, I continue to workout with the Shaun T-25 focus DVDs, I completed both Alpha and Beta workouts, a couple of times and this week moved on the Gamma round.  Lots of weights involved which I find damn entertaining and I can see my arms getting toned, etc. Hell, I was even able to do a couple burpees this week and that is quite a feat in my book.

So along with friggin horrible weather, this polar vortez can go to hell, everything is fine here.  Hubby is doing good too.  Have a lovely weekend and cheer on your team, well a team at least.