Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New baby and Deer season

 Look who finally decided to make an appearance.  Keenan Crosbie: 8 lbs, 19.5 inches, Oct 30, 2014.

He looks alot like his brother, lots of hair and so sweet.

Yes, Mommy is doing good too.

Does this look like a proud Grandma?  I was just beaming.

He will be coming to my house alot after maternity leave is done.  His brother comes to my house after school each day too.  

I got two boys to keep me young and busy.

However, in April someone else will need to watch them, as us gals (actually sisters) plan to get together in Florida and who knows where we'll go or what we'll do but its been almost three years since we had a sister get-together so we are ready.  Plus I get to connect up with my Vietnam buddy too.

According to his mother, he likes to sleep all day and party all night.

This photo was texted to me at 4 a.m., and wanted to know if I wanted to party!!

He is one sweet little boy and his brother just loves him.

Clint is an amazing big brother.

Now my 14 year old grandson got a spike horn deer on his deer hunt this past week, good job Alex.  He hopes to get back to deer camp with his grandpa this weekend.

As for me, I have a few doctor appointments coming up.  Like today its a phone interview to go over medical records and set up date for a colonoscopy.  It's been three years and time for another one.  Hopefully this will be clear and I can join the 10 year club.

Wednesday a consult with the dentist as I have a cavity and whether it needs a crown or a patch will be determined and if he has time, do it tomorrow too, if not schedule an appointment for that number.

Thursday is the VA check up, every six months.  I foresee nothing but we need to coordinate blood work, EKG work and so on so I am not repeating this shit over and over. Having eye surgery in January.  Dexa scan in December and the list goes on,just normal crap, nothing to get nervous about.

I'm back working out, taking things slow and steady after pulling a shoulder muscle and feel good.  Losing weight slowly and that is good.  I like to be active and moving but at my age, I also know slowing down is fine too. For example, I don't run these days but I will walk 2 or 3 miles, which is just fine with me. Plus I am watching what I eat and being more nutritionally aware, which means reducing sugar intake, etc.

Oh hell, life is good.

Friday, September 12, 2014


 Well,for my neck of the woods the first day of school was Thursday, September 4th.  On the 3rd it was meet the teacher and unload all the crap they wanted into your locker.  The one thing both Kel and I ascertained was this classroom was bloody damn warm!

Clint would get on the bus in the morning at his house but get off the bus at the Library, which is just down the street from my house.  Why the bus can't drop him off in front of my house is unknown but a short walk is no big deal. At least not this time of year,but once we get snow and cold weather, this may not seem like such a cool idea.  Whatever, he thinks Kindergarten is awesome and having a good time.

This is one of my favorite photos, we are on a 4-wheeler and my sister and I are just hanging on while Kel wheels us around.  It was so much fun.  One day I really need to learn how to handle this 4-wheeler on my own. Hell even Clint operates his 4-wheeler!!!

Sadly the warm weather is leaving us and now its prepare for winter. You know "winterize the house,"and that doesn't mean throw a blanket on it -- wish it was that easy!!!

I began winter prep by pulling all the flowers out of the flower pots and hope to take that lovely top soil and spread it amongst my rose bushes.  I also got the air out of most of the pool items and bought bright orange storage tubs to put all the pool stuff in for winter.  Soon we shall empty the water from the pool,not all but a good amount, remove the pump and cover with tarp, weighted down with jugs filled with water to prevent it from blowing off.  Have been told this will work nicely and no need to completely take down and store pool (that would be a real pain in the ass).  Then of course we have patio furniture that needs to be packed away along with table and chairs.  It just sucks that summer is over and we have to wait another year to enjoy the pool.  

Have no real idea what in hell I was doing but obviously thought this hat was worth a try on...what the hell.  So, things are looking good.  I did something to my shoulder and after an X-ray, was told physical therapy was in order, so I have been going to that twice a week.  One nice part is the shoulder massage, now that is delightful and yes, my shoulder is starting to feel much better.

I just love how as I age, various body parts decide to break down or create issues for me, what the hell.  In October I'll see my urologist and have my kidneys check, I am having no issues so hopefully no stones are about and if we see any, I'll have them blasted.  Not gonna wait like I did the last time, holy shit, that was a long process to get rid of that sucker.  Teeth cleaning is on the calendar in November as is my six month check up at the VA clinic.  

December gets interesting:  dexa scan and then see my oncologist - fun shit.  Dermatology this month too.  I also see the eye doctor to get eyes measured for surgery in January!  On the 23rd lab work for eye surgery in January.  Then in January I get medical clearance from my provider so I can have cataract surgery -- holy shit.

However, the game plan is everyone must stay healthy so we can head to Florida in April next year.  It's been way too long. Haven't seen my older sister in almost two years and my Nam buddy -- way too long and we got lots of crap to share.

Just in case you wondered!!!!

So that is my updates -- have a lovely weekend and stay happy!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer is Almost Over

Here are three of my four grandchildren and one great-grandchild, yes, the kid on Kyle's lap is his son.  I have not seen him yet but he looks just like his Daddy and he's a cute little devil.

I cannot believe it is August 27th and soon summer will end and kids will be back in school. We have had some pretty weird weather for summer too. Worse is the notion that winter is gonna be colder this year than last year.  That is not something I wanted or need to hear.

Today I shall attend my first, ever, physical therapy session. I have no idea what I did to my right shoulder but it aches and I mentioned this to the VA provider who sent me down for X-rays. Then I waited a few days and sure enough the VA said I needed PT and I could have it wherever I wished, which was not at the VA center three hours from me.  Plus they sent me some cream to apply and suggested, strongly, I wear gloves. The suggestion was so strong, they sent me 300 gloves (100 per box) and three tubes of cream.  It does work but don't let it touch other spots or you will pay the price, I am using the gloves, thank you very much.

Also a few months ago I mentioned I had this dry cough and was given some pill to take, three times a day. When the cough went away, I just took the pill in the morning and at night.  Now, I'm thinking it was all due to this heavy pollen but whatever, this pill worked. When I inquired if I could get another refill, I was told perhaps I needed "Omepazole" which is used for acid reflux amongst other things.  One week of that pill and I stopped taking it, sore throat, nausea and diarrhea convinced me this is not for me. Called the clinic to let them know and haven't heard a word from them!

As long as I'm on the medical kick, saw the eye surgeon the 20th and yes, I need cataract surgery. That will happen in January, both eyes but not at the same time. Get this shit,when done, I most likely will need reading glasses only!

So while the summer weather has been goofy, Clint and I have definitely enjoyed the pool. We swim almost every day or when the weather permits and he loves to dive for dive sticks, etc.  I swear he prefers to swim underwater than on top but that's okay, he's having fun and knows his limits.
The worse part is always having to put the ladder in and out of the pool.  It's not exactly heavy but awkward and just a nuisance.  
My son-n-law has said, more than once, "best investment you ever made Meme."

I really miss the Minnesota kids and wish they lived closer or we could visit more often. As my dau -n- law is having medical issues, traveling here is just impossible. They are using all their sick and vacation time going and from the Mayo Clinic.  Hopefully she has found the right meds and is on the mend. But I'm thinking next summer, we really should head out for a visit.

Oh ya in November another baby,a boy, shall arrive and I think Kel is ready now. She is getting bigger than a barn and he's one active little boy, kicking and moving constantly.  So we'll have a baby here for Thanksgiving.  She is hoping he arrives on her brother's birthday too.

Well, that is my update for now. You all have a great day.  Hugs

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Not sure when it hit me, that all this wine was probably gonna cause me to have this huge thirst later on.  Then, my sisters were talking about burials and it hit me, if I drank this much, I should just be bottled.

 Now here's a wine I have not tried. Oh, just to share an insight, I really am not as wine drinker, I prefer beer but occasionally I tend to slip my lid and drink wine.

It was the birthday weekend, August 1st - August 4th and we headed down to Wilson, NY for a luau party, costumes and all.  Man, was this ever fun.  Lots of food, games, booze and wonderful conversations.  We spent another day down here and on Sunday did a wine tour, holyshit balls, I think I consumed more wine that day than in my entire life.  Also bought bottles for Thanksgiving.

Now this is my grandson, my role this summer, amongst other roles, was to teach him to swim. But first I needed a bigger pool.

Got the pool set up and now lessons began.  What was funny was he was more interested in learning how to snorkel than swim. So four lessons later, he was snorkeling like a pro and this proud Grandma was tickled pink, we both snorkel all about this pool and know we can snorkel anywhere now.  Then we got serious about swim lessons, he realized he could reach the bottom, which was good, gave him more confidence and within a day or two, he was swimming across the pool like this was normal.  However, he also discovered he could swim underwater across the pool too.  Now we really needed to get ear plugs.  By the time his parents took him on their family vacation to Bar Harbor, he was swimming like a pro.  The only fall back is he has informed me I cannot swim unless someone else with me, no swimming alone Meme!!!  We also have a firm rule, one hour in the pool at a time.  You can go back in later but one hour is sufficient.

And my cardinal keeps coming back and as you can see, he brought his wife this time too.  They are very shy birds and you have to be extremely patient to capture them on film.

The last few days have been rough.  Robin Williams ends his life, having fought depression and decided it was easier to just end it all.  Then Lauren Bacall -- she was 89 and had a full life too. It is sad that so many of the big time actors are slowly leaving us and we are left with the new ones who have yet to fully impress us.

Had my VA appointment yesterday, hey, BP,cholesterol and all is good.  Might had some acid reflux issues so getting some meds for that, plus my shoulder is hurting so had an x-ray, will need to wait on the findings but may need physical therapy, hope that is all as I do not relish more surgery of any kind.

On the 20th I see the eye surgeon to see if I should have cataract surgery.  for some reason this scares me more than anything else.  However, I have been told so many advances have been made over of the years, that this is no big time now.  Ya right!!!

So that's my update.  Soon school shall resume, in November I shall have another grandson and life remains good.  Stay happy my friends and keep smiling.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer is Here

Okay,not sure where to start as its been awhile since I posted anything on this site.

Here's pre-K graduation photos --  it was so hot that day but he was one happy young man and his parents were proud of him:

Then it was time to get serious about swimming, so first we needed a bigger pool.  That done, it was now time to learn how to snorkel and swim...oh man, was this ever fun:

We even managed to have brunch out on the deck once we got everything set up...

Silly photos of Clint and his mother!!!
So now it is July 8th and we had a lovely family BBQ on the 4th out at the farm. Pat and Patti hosted and family was invited and asked to bring their own chairs, drinks and a dish to pass if they wanted and trust me, there was tons of food.  Patti's brother, Dave, makes his own wine which is great and even had some homemade moonshine. I took a small sip, loved it but would pay the price later as it went thru me faster than I care to recall.

Anyway, I managed to teach Clint how to snorkel (4 lessons and he had this down and we were like pros snorkeling all over the pool),then we got serious are swimming, dog paddling and he mastered that too. Then he decided he liked to swim underwater and dive down for items, so he is now a diver too.  He always reminds me to put in his ear plugs, thank goodness.  Needless to say, he and I are tanned beyond words this summer.

Currently Kel and family are camping in Bar Harbor so my swim buddy is not here but that's ok, our weather got a tad chilly and that water is friggin cold.  Oh and the wind was alot stronger than we realized and it literally lifted our awning and flipped it up and over the deck.  So we shall need to replace that sucker...its been good to us since 2006.

Today my sister is due up unless her car is on the fritz.  Some interior light is on and we have no idea what that is about so she is stopping at the garage before she leaves the city and heads to the country.  It'll be so good to have her here for a few days.

Hope you all are having a grand summer.  Mine is going great.  My mammogram last month was negative, no cancer. I see my oncologist next week for my check-up but this should be a walk in the park.  I do have an eye appointment in August, cataract may need to be removed or some such shit, its an eye surgeon appointment, so we shall see.  Colonoscopy will get scheduled for December (supposedly needed another one after three years and its been 3, if this is clean I suspect I'm good for ten).  It's not the exam its the damn prep, that shits the bed (pun intended).

Been working out with these 25 minute exercise programs, dropped two pant sizes, getting toned and while the scale doesn't seem to move much, I feel great and folks say I look great, so what the hell, I'm sticking with it!!!