Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer is Here

Okay,not sure where to start as its been awhile since I posted anything on this site.

Here's pre-K graduation photos --  it was so hot that day but he was one happy young man and his parents were proud of him:

Then it was time to get serious about swimming, so first we needed a bigger pool.  That done, it was now time to learn how to snorkel and swim...oh man, was this ever fun:

We even managed to have brunch out on the deck once we got everything set up...

Silly photos of Clint and his mother!!!
So now it is July 8th and we had a lovely family BBQ on the 4th out at the farm. Pat and Patti hosted and family was invited and asked to bring their own chairs, drinks and a dish to pass if they wanted and trust me, there was tons of food.  Patti's brother, Dave, makes his own wine which is great and even had some homemade moonshine. I took a small sip, loved it but would pay the price later as it went thru me faster than I care to recall.

Anyway, I managed to teach Clint how to snorkel (4 lessons and he had this down and we were like pros snorkeling all over the pool),then we got serious are swimming, dog paddling and he mastered that too. Then he decided he liked to swim underwater and dive down for items, so he is now a diver too.  He always reminds me to put in his ear plugs, thank goodness.  Needless to say, he and I are tanned beyond words this summer.

Currently Kel and family are camping in Bar Harbor so my swim buddy is not here but that's ok, our weather got a tad chilly and that water is friggin cold.  Oh and the wind was alot stronger than we realized and it literally lifted our awning and flipped it up and over the deck.  So we shall need to replace that sucker...its been good to us since 2006.

Today my sister is due up unless her car is on the fritz.  Some interior light is on and we have no idea what that is about so she is stopping at the garage before she leaves the city and heads to the country.  It'll be so good to have her here for a few days.

Hope you all are having a grand summer.  Mine is going great.  My mammogram last month was negative, no cancer. I see my oncologist next week for my check-up but this should be a walk in the park.  I do have an eye appointment in August, cataract may need to be removed or some such shit, its an eye surgeon appointment, so we shall see.  Colonoscopy will get scheduled for December (supposedly needed another one after three years and its been 3, if this is clean I suspect I'm good for ten).  It's not the exam its the damn prep, that shits the bed (pun intended).

Been working out with these 25 minute exercise programs, dropped two pant sizes, getting toned and while the scale doesn't seem to move much, I feel great and folks say I look great, so what the hell, I'm sticking with it!!!


Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

By golly Mother's Day is right around the corner, in fact its this Sunday.

I sure miss my Mom who went home in 2002, but I know she is happy, she's with her Mother,her beloved husband, her sons and various other family members.  And she can see and do things that on this planet she could not do because of illnesses.

Ya,I am still working out and what amazes and stuns me, is altho the scale doesn't indicate a weight loss, I have dropped two pant sizes and what I wear now is damn comfortable.  I don't want tight slacks so this is perfect.  And I am actually starting to see my abs,which have been hiding under layers of fat for years.  Ye gads, for someone who has always been pretty active, I really let myself get into a sedate mode way too long. Okay, I was sick and needed to slow down and take care of that shit, but that's over and now, back to activity. What amazes me as I get older is that you still can't do things as fast as you once did and once you understand and accept that, its alot more fun.

I see this and it reminds me of Tank and I riding in Nam.  Oh those were the days.  Its a wonder we didn't kill ourselves but we did have a good ride and fun that day.

I'm not sure if Spring has arrived or not. I know that we have had lots of bloody damn rain and my webbed feet are proof of that. Plus, its not just rain, its a chilly temp that soaks right into your bones and keeps you cold.  Pretty damn bad when you are forced to crank on the heat in May because its 30 degrees and you're cold!!!

So to all who still stop by and read my blog, enjoy, have a great Mother's day and hey, keep smiling.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Yes, Happy Easter.  Woke up and the temp was 28 degrees, now two hours later its almost to 40 -- wow.

This is my holiday plant, can't really call it a Christmas cactus as the sucker blooms all year and at the oddest times. Whatever it is pretty and I haven't killed it yet, which in itself is quite a feat.  Of course, my sister tends to call me and reminds to water the sucker and dead-head the dead flowers.

As the weather gets nicer, the birds start flocking around the feeders.

This particular woodpecker has found his personal diner and comes every day.

The cardinals, both male and female have come twice, but being shy, it really takes some "stealth" to capture them on film, but I shall sooner or later.

This fence photo just caught my eye. Different view point  and kinda interesting, don't ya think?  It was our first time up at the ball field since last summer/Fall. Ground is still damp in spots but Clint loved being able to run around and of course, within seconds, found the sand pile.

King the Rock...as you can see, we still need hats and coats, it's not that warm yet.

And of course we have "critters" that make life interesting.  Wood chuck who is fat and busy and then, wild turkeys in my front yard. This is most unusual but what the hell.

So today is Easter and I have 8 people for dinner.  Best of all, I'm not really doing the cooking, Patrick is, he is fixing is ham and my role is quite simple and easy, peel, cook and mash potatoes.  I believe Kel is fixing Brussels sprouts, veggie tray and dessert.  We got shrimp to nibble on and I need to hide Easter eggs for Clint to find -- we colored them yesterday. This was a project he and Aunt Penny were gonna do but she is sick, so it fell to me.  

Hope the weather warms up, this 40+ is not warm enough. Have a lovely day and please, take a moment and reflect on why we have this special day!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Still winter

 So, its March 24th and we have yet to see anything closely looking like Spring.

In fact, woke up and the temp was minus 10 this morning.  Oh it is sunny and all that but its also freaking ass cold.

More cold weather is predicted this week as well, with possible more white stuff.  Hello, we don't want anymore and if what we have would just melt, slowly, we'd be quite content.  A fast melt will be a major flood and we don't want that, picky shits aren't we?

Ya, we'd like to be spring chickens. It is my understanding that even Florida is not exactly warm and other southern states have definitely felt the effects of this rather long, cold, nasty winter.

I don't call this "global weather," I just call it a long damn winter and I'm sick of the tundra number. Now, when its this cold and windchill's -35 or more, even I don't care to be outside sno=shoeing or just walking about.

Last week  I got to spend part of an evening and most of Thursday with my sister.  It has been a long time since we have seen each and yes, we miss our sister in Florida too.  We truly had a good time and nicely entertained folks at Macy's as well.  Well, the clerk did say to us; "if you apply for a Macy's card, which only takes a minute, you'll get 20% off and then, I'll give you another 10% coupon."  So we said, what the hell, go for it.  Now, they needed a driver's license, credit card, and other information, such as date of birth, SS number, annual income (she said we could say zero) and other shit.  Penny goes first, can't remember her SS number, so she makes one up but later admits that might be wrong, for income she says $200,000.  And within seconds she has a temporary Macy's card and the shirts that cost $12. are now $6.  So,now its my turn, I know my SS number and for income I wrote ZERO! Within seconds I was on the phone with some corporate ass confirming information and when she got to the income part, I calmly said, "hey, I'm on a day pass here."  Needless to say I did not get a card, so I used my sister's and still got my shirts for $6.  We told folks behind us they might want to go to another counter but no, they preferred to stay and watch this performance, it was alot more entertaining.

Ya, you jerk people around and you wonder why folks don't want your goddamn cards.  Give me a break, I don't need this crap and I have no Macy store near me, so who gives a rip.

Regardless of all this bullshit, it was great fun hanging out with my sister, laughing and catching up on family gossip, etc.  She hears one thing, I hear another, etc.  Sometimes what we each hear matches, which is shocking as hell.

Thursday afternoon we head back north, in and out of snow storms but the drive wasn't too bad.  Stopped for KFC and altho I love this stuff, its the most fattening food you'll ever consume. Friday was spent doing laundry as Hubby was leaving Saturday and for some strange reason, wanted clean clothes, he can be so damn fussy.

The best news, and hopefully this will occur, is Penny may visit me this coming week.  Again, with our weather its hard to confirm trips because you just don't drive in snow storms unless its absolutely vital.  We all have done the blizzard drive on I-81,and no thank you, we shall avoid it as much as possible now.

Here are some thoughts about growing older:

  • Eventually you will reach a point when you stop lying about your age and start bragging about it.
  • The older we get, the fewer things seem worth waiting in line for.
  • When you are dissatisfied and would like to go back to your youth, think Algebra
  • You know you are getting old when everything either dries up or leaks.
  • If you don't learn to laugh at trouble, you won't have anything to laugh at when you're old.
Have a good one and stay warm (or cool if you happen to be where its warm).

Thursday, March 6, 2014

March It Be

Well,its March and the cold weather continues to drive us nuts.

It was -19 on my deck this morning, you could have seen a sparrow fart is they were out and about, but they were not!   Its just been too damn cold.

This is how Grandma workouts out, well, some Grandma's this Meme, doesn't do this, I actually work out.  I'm such a nerd.
Okay, this month all us Irish folks will do the jig, ya, like that is gonna happen, not.

Years ago my sister put on quite an Irish spread, including green beer and later, everyone headed downtown to some dance party and raised all kinds of hell.  It was a grand ole time.  I'm hoping the weather gets warmer so we can really kick up our heels

So what's been happening in your neck of the woods?

I know that Warroad,Minnesota hasn't seen above zero temps since November, talk about frozen tundra.  Now they are use to cold winters, snow and ice but even they are sick of this nonsense, its just been friggin cold.

My darling sister has nicely provided me with a new nickname, hell I don't even remember the other one.  But now she refers to me as the "surgeon slut," due to the many surgeries I have had.  For example on Feb 25th I was at the Hepburn hospital having surgery (they call it that but I'm not sure its really surgery) - a cystocope and uretreoscope exam, laser lithotripsy and stent removed. Oh yes,great fun.  But once done, it was nice to know the stones were gone.

Then this Monday, March 3rd I had an eye appointment and was informed I needed to see an eye surgeon and have cataracts removed.  But I would not be able to get in to see the eye surgeon until August. However the next day I called the eye doctor to see if I should seek someone else due to this wait and he said, "no, if it was that serious I would have called and gotten you in much sooner, it's okay to wait until August."  So I took a deep breath and relaxed.  It was upon learning this, that my sister who had some run-in with some asshole in a grocery store, and she was steaming,texted our older sister and said; "guess who had an eye appointment today and now needs to have cataract surgery?"  Older sister replied, well isn't your day going nicely.  To which younger sister answered:  "not me, the surgeon slut." At that point everyone was roaring with laughter.  You see all three of us have cataracts and at some point all three will need this operation---guess I get to go first.  But they have made many advances since my parents and brother had this done and I'm not overly worried or concerned.

Today I visit the VA clinic -- I really have not been happy with this clinic for some time but hell, they are listed as my primary provider, so I will go in, have them listen to my chest, take my BP,etc and smile and leave.  Such a pain in the ass performance.  While I am doing this, hubby is heading to Office Max to get two new computer chairs, they are on sale and he has decided we need new chairs.  The old chairs will be taken outside and used in our time out, bar area near the deck this summer...hey, we might as well be comfy while sipping our drinks,right?

So here is your workout routine -- get the wine bottle and enjoy!