Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Not sure when it hit me, that all this wine was probably gonna cause me to have this huge thirst later on.  Then, my sisters were talking about burials and it hit me, if I drank this much, I should just be bottled.

 Now here's a wine I have not tried. Oh, just to share an insight, I really am not as wine drinker, I prefer beer but occasionally I tend to slip my lid and drink wine.

It was the birthday weekend, August 1st - August 4th and we headed down to Wilson, NY for a luau party, costumes and all.  Man, was this ever fun.  Lots of food, games, booze and wonderful conversations.  We spent another day down here and on Sunday did a wine tour, holyshit balls, I think I consumed more wine that day than in my entire life.  Also bought bottles for Thanksgiving.

Now this is my grandson, my role this summer, amongst other roles, was to teach him to swim. But first I needed a bigger pool.

Got the pool set up and now lessons began.  What was funny was he was more interested in learning how to snorkel than swim. So four lessons later, he was snorkeling like a pro and this proud Grandma was tickled pink, we both snorkel all about this pool and know we can snorkel anywhere now.  Then we got serious about swim lessons, he realized he could reach the bottom, which was good, gave him more confidence and within a day or two, he was swimming across the pool like this was normal.  However, he also discovered he could swim underwater across the pool too.  Now we really needed to get ear plugs.  By the time his parents took him on their family vacation to Bar Harbor, he was swimming like a pro.  The only fall back is he has informed me I cannot swim unless someone else with me, no swimming alone Meme!!!  We also have a firm rule, one hour in the pool at a time.  You can go back in later but one hour is sufficient.

And my cardinal keeps coming back and as you can see, he brought his wife this time too.  They are very shy birds and you have to be extremely patient to capture them on film.

The last few days have been rough.  Robin Williams ends his life, having fought depression and decided it was easier to just end it all.  Then Lauren Bacall -- she was 89 and had a full life too. It is sad that so many of the big time actors are slowly leaving us and we are left with the new ones who have yet to fully impress us.

Had my VA appointment yesterday, hey, BP,cholesterol and all is good.  Might had some acid reflux issues so getting some meds for that, plus my shoulder is hurting so had an x-ray, will need to wait on the findings but may need physical therapy, hope that is all as I do not relish more surgery of any kind.

On the 20th I see the eye surgeon to see if I should have cataract surgery.  for some reason this scares me more than anything else.  However, I have been told so many advances have been made over of the years, that this is no big time now.  Ya right!!!

So that's my update.  Soon school shall resume, in November I shall have another grandson and life remains good.  Stay happy my friends and keep smiling.

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