Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Holy sheet, I just remembered all the flack that poor woman got for wanting to introduce yoga to school kids and how that became an issue between school and church or some such nonsense. Well, I’m not going thar folks, no way!

Like I said yesterday, I purchased the “10-Minute Solution – Yoga for beginners” DVD and decided last night to watch it. I didn’t get all the way through the DVD but found it interesting (hey, football game came on and that was more to my liking, okay).

This morning as its raining and miserable outside I decided to do the Yoga bit – hey, workout is workout, right? Sweet Mama, this is gonna take some time to see me even coming close to doing what the instructor is doing. Hey, she is good and I get the “keep breathing” bit but I gotta tell ya, her bones are rubber and stretch pretty easily while mine, well; they ain’t rubber by any stretch of the imagination!

What is nice is that you can actually program the workout you want to do, which is damn nice because a couple of them are so far off in left field that until my body becomes a rubber band, this ain’t ever gonna work for me! It’s gonna be an on-going process and we’ll see how long I last – stretching muscles and strengthening my core is a work in progress – ya, I’ll keep you posted!!!

Now did you all see that we might see some “white stuff” tonight? Is that unreal or what? Also according some Acueweather dude, he is saying we’ll have the coldest November in history and in fact, we’re gonna have a real cold start to winter and one last cold blast at the end – gee, he’s a clever guy, ain’t he?

Have you noticed (like this is news) gas prices are going down and we’re all filling up everything we can while the price is lower? Well, think about this – gas prices will go lower until AFTER the election and then, who in hell knows? Each party will claim they caused this and that is supposed to make us vote for them – duh! By the way, while everyone is busy with the Presidential candidates, has anyone noticed who is running for Congress? No senatorial elections this year but plenty of congressional seats – hum, why aren’t we hearing about them? It might be wise to remind ourselves that a President is not a dictator and things must be approved and passed by the Congress and Senate and they are the ones with the real power, so we might want to make sure we got competent folks in those chairs!

Okay, got myself a hair appointment, I don’t understand it but as the weather got cooler my hair grows faster – damnit!

I’ve reached the age where happy hour is a nap!


Anonymous said...

Well, I have a picture in my head of you trying to do the yoga thing ON the giant ball! LOL!! :0)

Oh, and SNOW is falling & sticking to the leaves that are still on the bushes! YIKES!! :0/

Cold winter in the North Country -- WOW!! That's news! :0)

Pat said...

Me, ball and yoga -- all at the same time -- U are totally bonkers!

Ah snow, gotta love it -- it ain't gonna stick around long tho -- so stop whining.

Later LOL